Your Southwest Florida Vow Renewal Ceremony
Your Vow Renewal is your very own distinctive statement. This intimate ritual is a
celebration of your love and commitment. Your ceremony should joyously match
the depth of your love and celebrate the commitment you have made to each
other, reflect upon past experiences with your partner, family and friends and your
wishes for the future.

During a personal interview I listen to what you and your spouse want to include
in your Vow Renewal, how you want your guests to feel and how you want to
incorporate them into your ceremony. Through unlimited emails, phone
conversations and a questionnaire I will create a Vow Renewal that truly reflects
your uniqueness as a couple.
In getting to know both of you, I take the components of your life and relationships and construct a deeply moving
Vow Renewal ceremony. These components may include your values, your definition of religion or spirituality, your
personalities, the story of how you met, family stories, personalized vows, rituals and readings, your shared and
individual interests.

Your ceremony may include honoring children, family members and friends. If you like, you can work with me to
incorporate intimate and memorable rituals into your ceremony that reflect your cultural backgrounds and family
customs or together we can create a ritual that celebrates your experience as a unique couple declaring their love
and sharing their joy.

I respect and honor your personal beliefs whether it’s non-denominational, spiritual, religious, intercultural,
interfaith or secular.

Your Vow Renewal Ceremony will unfold effortlessly and joyously and be a ceremony that will be remembered
with joy laughter and love for a lifetime.

If you are interested in learning more:

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